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 Welcome to Home Optical. We have been opened since 2006, as a full service optometry practice in North Beach. Always pursuing your best interests and most importantly your health, our team provides the highest level of Vision Care and service. Our ophthalmology specialists diagnose and treat a full range of both common and complex eye conditions as well as perform routine eye exams and prescribe glasses or contact lenses. Our Lab Technicians are fully trained and possess a vast experience in the production as well as the repairing of eyeglasses and contact lenses which are processed in our onsite lab. That simply means “They know what they’re doing and can do it while you wait. Fast”! If you are looking to be fit with contact lenses, need a prescription filled or require treatment for any eye condition, our team is always here for all your eye care needs. Home Optical can also deliver your glasses or contacts directly to your home or office if you need us to. Please feel free to browse our site, set up an appointment, stop by, or give us a call with any questions.  We look forward to serving you. Be Blessed!

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We want to learn more about your experience with our products and services. Please email us at CustomerCare@homeoptica.com

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